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Complete interview: Katina Powell’s attorney Larry Wilder


Sheriff Daniel Rodden’s attorney Larry Wilder talks to media

The Clark Co. Indiana sheriff is placed on leave after his arrest for making false statements to the FBI after allegedly paying a prostitute and encouraging her to hide evidence of their 2013 encounter.

NFL Star Pleads Guilty After Drunk Driving Arrest in Southern Indiana

The community service hours will likely be spent assisting the Jeffersonville High School football team.

Despite the fact that his main residence is in Kentucky, Bush’s attorney – Larry Wilder – says the team and the NFL will be watching his actions, and will comply with the court.

Bush is expected to serve out his probation in California, while a probation officer there reports to Indiana officials.

Wilder said that Bush is remorseful for his actions, but says that Bush couldn’t comment publicly about them due to NFL regulations.

Masiello not facing charges in Derby ticket controversy

Attorney Larry Wilder sent us a release reiterating that his client, Steve Masiello, a University of Louisville assistant basketball coach, will not be charged with a crime. According to Wilder, the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office says Masiello was not involved in any wrong doing.

Theft Charges Against Jeffersonville Teacher Could Be Dropped

The attorney for a Kentuckiana school teacher says felony theft charges will be brought against his client. But before the case reaches a jury, there’s a chance all charges could be dismissed.

Indiana man pleads guilty for leaving homemade bomb on railroad tracks

Louis Deinnocentes, 48, was sentenced to one year probation and fines totaling about $3,000. 

Police report sheds light on U of L player’s arrests

Larry Wilder, attorney for Smith, re-iterated Roby’s position.  “This is an unfortunate incident.  Jerry’s sense of loyalty and comradery to his teammate lead him to react and as a result we are faced with the circumstances placed before us.”

Jeffersonville Police officers accused in beating cleared

No criminal charges – that’s the decision Thursday from Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart in the case of two off-duty Jeffersonville Police officers accused of beating a man inside a restaurant.

Harrison Co. corrections officer on administrative leave wants job back

Wilder is filing an intent to sue with the courts Thursday.  The suit would include wrongful termination, malicious prosecution and a violation of civil rights.

Clarksville firefighter to be suspended but keep job after DUI charge

A long-time Clarksville firefighter will get to keep his job after being arrested for and charged with a DUI.

Casino bomb threat ‘test’ leads to evacuation, possible lawsuit

Wilder filed a “Notice of Tort Claim” with the state Monday.  In it, he claims Surface was defamed, falsely imprisoned, and subjected to “public embarrassment and emotional distress,” and planned to sue the casino for “tortious actions precipitated by the reckless, erroneous, and wrongful conduct perpetuated by the Horseshoe Casino and Teleperformance-Cebu.”